TSS provides the following armorer services:

  • Scope and optics mounting
  • Upgrade of parts
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Minor rust removal
  • Miscellaneous special maintenance

Costs will vary depending on the scope of work involved.

TSS does not provide pistol cleaning services.  However, we do offer Pistol Cleaning classes.  Please visit our Training Page to see when the next available class is offered.

Armorer Services


Dealer to Dealer Transfers

If you are purchasing a firearm from another FFL dealer and having it shipped to TSS, the cost is $55 for each firearm.  The FFL dealer that you purchased from will need to email TSS at to request a copy of our FFL. Only PA residents can have firearms transferred to TSS.

A TSS associate will contact you once we receive the firearm. You will then be instructed to come to our facility so that we can complete the necessary forms and run a background check. You will need to bring a valid photo driver’s license or state ID or a valid government-issued photo ID card.

If your background check is denied, you will still be responsible for the transfer fee in addition to shipping costs for TSS to ship the firearm back to the FFL dealer.

NFA Transfers

Silencer/SBS/SBR: For PA residents, if you would like TSS to assist with the transfer process of a silencer, SBS (short-barreled shotgun) or SBR (short-barreled rifle), the cost is $200 unless you use Silencer Shop. If you use Silencer Shop for NFA transfers, you pay the fees directly to them and will not incur any fees by TSS. 

Private Party Transfers

Handguns (Pistols/Revolvers): If you have a private party transfer (person-to-person), the cost is $55 for each firearm.  The recipient of the firearm must be a PA resident. Both parties must be present in order to complete the transfer process. Both parties must also have a valid photo driver’s license or state ID or a valid government-issued photo ID card.

A TSS associate will assist in completing the necessary forms and run a background check on the recipient of the firearm. If the background check is denied, the transfer of the firearm will also be denied. The transfer fee must still be paid regardless of the outcome of the background check.

Long Guns (Rifles, Shotguns): For PA residents, long guns do not require background checks and can be sold or given away directly to an individual providing that individual is not prohibited from owning a firearm. It is recommended that a “PENNSYLVANIA FIREARM BILL OF SALE” form be completed by both parties so that there is record of the sale. TSS can provide you with this form, or the form can be located at the Pennsylvania State Police website at If you would like TSS to handle the transfer process for you, the fee is our standard rate of $55 per firearm.

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